The Arsenal is advance unit production center built by the Chinese Nationalist Army in Company of Heroes:Far East War. This structure produces the primar support units - the Medical Officer, Special Scout (or Machine Pistol Squad), M1935 Gun Crew ,and one kind of Support Artility.(Every Route Army owns their unique units)

In addition, this structure offers two Upgrades that unlock the abilities for training Gun Crew; and another can unlock new structure.

Similar to US Weapon Support Center building.

Training Edit

Chinese Medical Officer icon

Medical Officer

  • Curing Units arounds
Chinese Special Scout icon

Special Scout

  • Marking target
  • Exploding Trap replace
M1935 Gun icon

M1935 Gun Crew

  • Fire Support
  • Anti Armor in range

Krupp German-Gun

M1 75mm Gun

Type 92 Gun Crew


Rewarding Units Edit

Machine Pistol Squad

Upgrade Edit

Logistics Ability Upgrade

  • Unlock new units

Logistics Ability Improvement

  • Unlock new structrue

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