The Assault ability is an infantry offensive ability which is available to Werhmacht players who choose the Blitzkrieg Doctrine. It costs 1 command point to access. Knights Cross Holders also have this ability even without acquiring it from the Blitzkrieg Doctrine. Upon activating Assault and selecting a target your infantry will get within range and throw a series of 2-4 grenades towards the enemy squad. each grenade will do damage, and temporarily hinder the enemy infantry with suppression. 3 grenades will usually take out about 3/5 of the enemy squad's health if the hits are solid.

It is a definite must for players who love microing their infantry and is a frustrating attack to be on the receiving end of.  Usage costs 50 munitions per squad. However, one might want to be careful, as if there is an MG42 Team or machine gun bunker backing up the infantry squad you are assaulting, they might chew up your soldiers before the job can be finished.