Bunker Default
The Bunker
Role MG 42 Heavy Machine gun, Aid Station, Repair Station
Unit Cost 150Icon Manpower Small.png 150
Produced By Pioneer Squad
Bunker Default

A standard bunker

The bunker is a Wehrmacht basic defensive structure used by the Axis forces. A tough structure to destroy, it is the bane of most Allied opponents as it can provide the same protection as their MG emplacements, with more armor. It can provide protection to any friendly infantry by garrisoning them inside, good for 6 personnel. The bunker is the second strongest defensive structure after trenches.


This structure is built by the Wehrmacht Pioneers. Once built, it is harmless and must be upgraded to either make full use of its capabilities. All three available upgrades cost 50 munitions and only one upgrade can be bought for each bunker. On its own, it can still provide some nasty surprises. One such surprise is that it is the sole production structure for the Goliath Tracked Mines. Even without an upgrade, it can still assemble these powerful bombs for 125 munitions. Bunkers can also reinforce nearby units if you have taken the defensive doctrine. With the proper upgrade from that doctrine the bunkers will also be much more resiliant against enemy fire.

Also you can garrison almost any Infantry unit inside a bunker, with and without any upgrade. In an ideal case you could upgrade the bunker itself with a MG42 and garrison 2 MG42 Teams inside the same bunker and with any luck it is possible to have 3 MG42 facing in the same direction, which would cause heavy losses in enemy Infantry lines.

MG 42 Heavy Machine gunEdit

MG Emplacement

An MG Bunker

Bunkers can be upgraded to have an MG 42 Heavy Machine gun manned by a single gunner to provide suppression fire against infantry and protection against light armor. This makes it the Axis equivalent of the Machine gun Emplacement.

Aid StationEdit

Aid Station

An Aid Station

With this upgrade, a bunker can provide medical support through two medics and converting its interior as an infirmary. The medics will automatically gather casualties in its sector. Once 4 soldiers have been recovered, a Grenadier Squad will automatically be deployed near it at no resource cost.

Repair StationEdit

Repair Station

A Repair Station

This upgrade converts the selected bunker into a frontline repair facility for vehicles. Two technicians will be deployed and will automatically repair any nearby damaged vehicle. This is the only structure that can repair units on the field, a structure that the Allies lack.


Just like any structure, it can be destroyed by heavy weapons such as mortars, missiles, artillery and rockets. Anti-tank shells can also penetrate its thick armor. Flamethrowers can utterly ruin it from the inside and out and, killing any personnel inside it, although bunkers are very resilient against snipers and grenades.