The Battle of Bloody Gulch (Or the Carentan Counterattack, as said in the game) is the 4th American Mission in Company of Heroes


Having secured Carentan, the American 501st, 502nd and 506th Paratrooper Regement of 101 airborn division learned of a counterattack. In response, they beefed up all defences in the area.

Mission EventsEdit

This mission gives the player, on any difficulty, 15 minutes to prepare and dig in around Carentan, plus possibly capture the 2 extra points beyond the bridges. The bridges are prime kill zones, as the Germans will send stug IV after the player. When capturing the 2 points beyond the bridges, beware there are 2 snipers in buildings a=in the center of the town, and another next to the fuel point, and a volksgrenadier squad.

Several minutes into the attack, the player will be made aware of imminent artillery strikes. The first barrage hits the bridges, so be clear. The second barrage hits next the bridges, and the town hall. The third barrage hits the center of town, so fall back into the 2nd Forward base. Here, its just holding out, and the Germans WILL use all routes, including circling around to the flank (in the previous mission, the route the airborne used to enter carentan.).

When the timer ends, U.S. Army reinforcements will arrive with 3 M4 Shermans and several riflemen squads armed with sticky bombs. Using these reinforcements, counterattack and destroy the remaining stugs. If one is careful, they can acquire the medal for inflicting German causualties (Based in difficulty, numbers are different.). Congratulations, the Allies hold carentan, providing access to the mainland.

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  • Information about the real life operation could be read here.