This category contains all unit badges in the game. Each unit may have one or more badges, depending on how many Veterancy levels they have, and whether or not they can purchase weapon upgrade packages.

The naming convention for all files in this category is as follows:

Basic icon:
Veterancy_[Unit's in-game name]_0.png

With Veterancy decorators:
Veterancy_[Unit's in-game name]_[Veterancy Level].png

With weapons package:
Veterancy_[Unit's in-game name]_[Weapon Package in-game name]_[Veterancy Level].png


  • Veterancy_Funkwagen_Vampire_Halftrack_0.png
  • Veterancy_Panzer_IV_2.png
  • Veterancy_Sappers_Expert_Engineers_0.png

The unit's in-game name can be found by selecting the unit. The name is shown in the bottom center of the screen. Note that in some cases there are exceptions to this rule, especially when two or more units share the same name (such as the Light Armored Car and Heavy Armored Car, which are both called "Armored Car" in the game).


This category has the following 3 subcategories, out of 3 total.




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