Centaur AA Mk. II Cruiser Tank
Role Anti-Aircraft Support Tank
Unit Cost 320Icon Manpower Small.png 320
100Icon Fuel Small.png 100
10Icon PopCap Small.png 10
Produced By Company Command Post
Primary armament 2x Polsten 20mm Autocannon
Secondary armament 1x 7.92mm Besa Machine-gun
Health 640
Armor Medium-Heavy

The Centaur AA Mk. II Cruiser Tank is a relatively slow but lethally armed and fairly well armored AA tank. With twin 20mm Polsten guns, the Centaur is perfect for literally mowing down infantry and planes, serving as a hard counter to infantry (especially blobs) and even anti-tank guns. The guns can also penetrate light armor, making it very deadly verses light vehicles as well. However, it is very sluggish, just a hair faster than the mighty Tiger II, but enjoys good armor and same health as most other medium tanks.

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