Churchill Mk. VII Infantry Tank
A Churchill Mk. VII Infantry Tank
Role Heavy Support Tank
Unit Cost 490Icon Manpower Small.png 490
160Icon Fuel Small.png 160
18Icon PopCap Small.png 18
Prereq. Anvil Specialization
Produced By Company Command Post
Primary armament 1x Ordinance QF 75mm
Secondary armament 2x 7.92mm Besa Machine-gun
Health 1400Icon Health Small.png 1,400
Armor Heavy

The Churchill Mk. VII Infantry tank is unlocked via Anvil Specialization. The Mk. VII is improved from it's predecessor featured in Company of Heroes: the Mk. IV. It has incredibly thick armor and an insane hitpoints pool, making it an ideal damage sponge. Use this tank to spot and take fire for your damage-dealing vehicles, such as Sherman Fireflies. In terms of combat performance, the Churchill is comparable to the Soviet KV-1 heavy tank.

Tips Edit

This tank is excellent when facing any variety of targets, except only the heaviest Axis armor. It's frontal armor is amazing and can deflect all but the best guns but watch out for flanks. The Churchill turns quite slowly and can easily be flanked to expose it's weak side and back armor, so it's best to have support. The Crew Self Defense ability makes this tank able to roll right up to an anti-tank gun, kill its crew, and roll back to safety for repairs.

Veterancy Edit

Like any other tank the Churchill gains veterancy through combat.

1 (xp here): Crews will fire at infantry on the sides with small arms.



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