This is a list of affiliates and friends of the wiki.

Company of Heroes communities Edit

  • Italian CoH Wikia - Italian Company of Heroes Wikia.
  • WWII Wikia - Historical World War II wikia.
  • - Community website featuring news, updates and replays.
  • ModDB - Offers a lot of community created mods.
  • Gamespot - news, previews, images, videos, links, and a forum.
  • Planet COH - news, screenshots, movies, FAQs, and forums.
  • COH Broadcast - Live Broadcasting.
  • The Sound Strategy Network channel on YouTube
  • Reddit - The CoH subReddit
  • - Community website with the latest news, guides, forum discussions, livestreams, replays, and so on. Features many popular livestreamers, tournament organizers, and even some Relic devs.

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