Tank Cruiser Mk.IV Cromwell
Icons portraits vehicle british cromwell s portrait
Role Cruiser Tank
Unit Cost 340Icon Manpower Small.png 340
120Icon Fuel Small.png 120
12Icon PopCap Small.png 12
Produced By Company Command Post
Primary armament 1x Ordinance QF 75mm Cannon
Secondary armament 1x M1919A4 Coaxial Machine-gun
1x 7.92mm Besa Machine-gun
Armor Medium
Max. Speed 7 m/s

The Cromwell is the main workhorse of the British Army.

The Cromwell has sub-par armor but has a decent gun and great mobility. This makes it effective as a flanking vehicle, able to circle-strafe slower Axis vehicles. This British tank is slightly cheaper and weaker than the Wehrmacht Panzer IV in terms of combat performance, but is still a solid frontline tank. It can also fire a smoke round in an area to block line of sight and allow for a better chance of escape.

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