Icons factions faction german 32
Combine stealth and mobility to outflank the enemy and destroy them. Stormtroopers can be deployed to scout ahead or cut off the enemies supply lines, while vehicles and air support can be utilized to complete the encirclement. With the enemy surrounded, Crush the Pocket will concentrate firepower to eradicate them.

Icons commander portrait german commander 22 large
Encirclement Doctrine
Icons commander german sprint ability 0
Allows German infantry to use the Sprint ability. Increases movement speed for a short period of time.
CommandTree Succession Arrow
Icons unit german stormtroopers from building 2
Elite infiltration troops who are experts at disrupting enemy supply lines. These units can be deployed from any ambient building.
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Icons commander cmdr german stuka supply break 7
Break Supply Line
Send in a Stuka bomber to neutralize a targeted point with a precision strike, causing the territory to shift in a neutral state.
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Icons commander cmdr german breakthrough 9
Slightly improves the speed of all vehicle units and allows them to capture points very rapidly.
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Icons commander cmdr german crush the pocket 12
Close the Pocket
Artillery zeros in on isolated enemy units to destroy them. Automatically attacks all cut off enemy territories and frontline territories.

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