EaW omaha

Europe at war is a mod for Company of heroes which expands doctrines, adds 7 different "battlefronts" and many units. It contains a more realistic damage system, historical accuracy and many more.

Command trees have increased from 6 to 16 improvements, adding all the doctrines a varied armoury that allows you to resolve any situation

Allows you to enjoy new experiences of game: is 100% compatible with the single-player campaigns, including few cooperative missions and historical maps.


-North Africa (1942-43)

-Italy (1943-45)

-Normandy (juny-august 1944)

-Market Garden (september 1944)

-Battle of the scheldt (september-october 1944)

-Ardennes (december '44-January'45)

-Operarion Varsity (march 1945)