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Okw fallscrim portrait
Army Oberkommando West
Men per Squad 4
Received Accuracy 87%
Production Cost 440Icon Manpower Small.png 440 10Icon PopCap Small.png 10
Reinforce Cost 38Icon Manpower Small.png 38


Fallschirmjägers are the elite infantry of the Oberkommando West's Luftwaffe Ground Forces Doctrine in Company of Heroes 2. They appear by infiltration of an empty neutral building through the Fallschirmjäger call in ability. If the target is not an empty building, they will spawn near the base similar to other call-in abilities. Fallschirmjägers can also be acquired through the Airbone Assault ability. When called in that way, they will parachute down to the battlefield.


The Fallschirmjäger squad is armed with 4x FG42 selective-fire battle rifles. These advanced rifles are effective against other infantry units at all ranges.


Panzerfaust - Fires a Panzerfaust at the selected enemy vehicle or building. This useful ability deals decent damage and damages the engine of a vehicle. It is advised to use it only in conjuction with other anti-tank weapons, because one panzerfaust is not enough to kill a vehicle, unless it is already heavily damaged.

Bundle Grenades - Order the fallschirmjägers to throw a powerful grenade bundle consisting of 5 M24 grenades tied to one handle. It is significantly more powerful than a regular grenade, and when used correctly can eliminate infantry with ease and even cause damage to light vehicles.

Blendkörper 2H Frangible Smoke Grenade - Fallschirmjäger Squad throws a chemical grenade which creates a smoke screen that blocks vision and damages infantry squads inside the cloud. It never kills the infantry, but deals a lot of damage what makes them easier to kill.

Veterancy Edit

Veterancy 1 - Unlocks the 'Blendkörper 2H Frangible Smoke Grenade' ability

Veterancy 2 - -29% received accuracy, passive cloak

Veterancy 3 - -10% received accuracy, passive healing

Veterancy 4 - +30% accuracy

Veterancy 5 - 14.3% weapon range +30% accuracy

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