For the Fatherland (FTFL) is a doctrinal ability that gives all Wehrmacht infantry a significant defensive boost during battle. FTFL comes relatively early at one Command Point, but can easily be used throughout the game to protect the front-lines from enemy advances. It costs 45 munitions.

Game InfoEdit

Every squad will receive a thirty percent reduction in damage received, they will be twenty percent harder to hit and will be nearly impossible to suppress. However, this only works if the units are in Wehrmacht territory.

In order to make the most of this power, wait until your opponent is deep inside your territory, or all of your units are within your borders to maximize this ability's potential. The most common use of FTFL is to protect a Medic bunker. During a well executed flank, this ability becomes essential to a successful defense.


Doctrine Cost
Manpower Munitions Fuel Pop Cap
0 45 0 0
Doctrine Bonus
Received Suppression Received Damage Received Accuracy
x0.25 x0.7 x0.8

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