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Grenadier Squad
Army Wehrmacht
Men per Squad 4
Unit Cost 300Icon Manpower Small.png 300
4Icon PopCap Small.png 4
Upkeep per Minute -5,38Icon Manpower Small.png -5,38 (full squad)
Produced By Krieg Barracks
Cost to Reinforce 37Icon Manpower Small.png 37
1Icon PopCap Small.png 1
Health per Man 80Icon Health Small.png 80
Infantry Type Infantry
Basic Weapon 3x Karabiner 98 Kurz
1x Sturmgewehr 44
Open Weapon Slots 4
Max. Speed 3 m/s

The Grenadier Squad is a heavy infantry squad, fielded by Wehrmacht in Company of Heroes. Although small in numbers, their endurance, versatility and combat capabilities make them a very effective unit.

Overview Edit

Grenadiers are heavy infantry built at the Krieg Barracks for 300Icon Manpower Small.png 300 4Icon PopCap Small.png 4. This is only marginally more than Volksgrenadier Squad, though the difference is still noticeable.

Newly deployed Grenadiers are equipped for fighting infantry, however, two upgrades are available to either improve their capabilities against infantry or to allow them to take on vehicles.

Grenadiers are very tough, each individual soldier has 80Icon Health Small.png 80, more than any allied soldier. Veterancy upgrades make these squads even tougher, improving both their health and their resistance against enemy fire. This, combined with good cover, gives a Wehrmacht player an incredibly hard to kill infantry unit.

Grenadiers are expected to replace the Volksgrenadier Squad as the backbone infantry force as soon as they are available. Losses are expected, however their reinforcement cost, which is 37Icon Manpower Small.png 37 is quite low considering their fighting strength. They also capture territory at an amazing 150% rate, much faster than most units.

Note: When a Aid Station Bunker recovers 4 casualties, a new Grenadier Squad will be deployed from the Bunker. As such, if an Aid Station Bunker is built by a Wehrmacht player in the early game, this will grant them access to Grenadier Squads quickly, even recruiting them from wounded Volksgrenadiers.

Weapons Edit

Grenadiers start out with the standard Wehrmacht weapon, the Karabiner 98 kurz, but they can be upgraded with a variety of weapons, improving their capabilities against tanks or infantry.

Karabiner 98k Edit

Like a Volksgrenadier Squad, the Grenadier Squad starts out with the Karabiner 98k. However, Grenadiers are better trained and using the rifle much more effectively.

The Kar98k in hand of a Grenadier is a very dangerous weapon. This rifle can fire five times before the weapon needs to be reloaded. Each connecting shot inflicts 15 points of damage.

Fire rate and accuracy are solid. The interval between shots is about one second resulting in considerable damage output. At maximum range, 35 meters, each bullet has 45% chance to hit the target. At normal engagement range, 20 meters, this chance increases to 65%.

Like most weapons, the Kar98k suffers from a high accuracy penalty when fired on the move. It is recommended to only move the Grenadier Squad during firefights if evasion or cover are required.

MG42 Light Machine Gun Edit

This advanced anti-infantry weapon is available for Grenadiers through an upgrade. If they are equipped with this weapon the Grenadier's long range fighting capabilities and their mobility are slightly decreased, but they gain powerful anti-infantry abilities.

The LMG version of the MG42 is not as effective in terms of damage output and suppression, but makes up for it with mobility and flexibility.

This weapon fires 15-30 bullets per burst, with a 3-3.5 second interval between each burst. After seven or eight such bursts, the weapon needs to be reloaded, which takes about 7 seconds. Each hit inflicts 5 points of damage.

Accuracy values are somewhat disappointing. At maximum range of 40 meters each bullet has only 13% making it considerably less useful in long-range combat. However, thanks to rapid-fire properties, this weapon can be very effective in eliminating even the toughest enemy infantry. It is worth noting that accuracy is drastically increasing to 30% on 20 meters, which is normal infantry engagement range, and to 75% if the target is closer than 10 meters.

Like all LMGs, this weapon can only be fired when the squad stands still, this makes chasing infantry difficult, making the LMG a rather defensive weapon.

Note: When an Grenadier with MG42 is killed, there is a 30% chance of the weapon being dropped and becoming abandoned. Other infantry squads (including enemies) with sufficient weapon slots, can pick this weapon up.

Panzerschreck Edit

Panzerschreck is an anti-tank weapon wielded by infantry. Like the MG42 LMG, it is available to the Grenadier Squad through an upgrade.

This is one of the best handheld anti-tank weapons in the game.A Panzerschreck warhead inflicts 120 points of damage per hit. Like all launchers, this weapon needs to be reloaded after each shot, giving the enemy an opportunity to retreat or engage the Grenadiers.

Panzerschreck is a poor weapon in terms of long-range accuracy. On maximum range of 35 meters, each rocket has only 35% chance to reach the target. If the Grenadiers can close the distance, the hit probablity is increased considerably, however, this requires the Grenadiers to be in range of the vehicle.

Panzerschreck has no problem penetrating but the heaviest of armor. The warhead is strong enough to damage most enemy tanks. Against heavier targets like M26 Pershing (45 % chance for penetration), or Churchill (52%), hits might not go through.

Note: When an Grenadier with Panzerschreck is killed, there is a 30% chance of the weapon being dropped and becoming abandoned. Other infantry squads (including enemies) with free weapon slots can pick it up.

Production Edit

Grenadier Squad can construct basic field defenses, barbed wire and sandbags, allowing them to build infantry choke points and fighting positions.

Production Barbed Wire Barbed Wire Edit

  • Costs nothing
  • Takes 2.5 seconds to build per piece

Barbed Wire is an anti-infantry obstacle. Infantry cannot pass through a piece of Barbed Wire, and have to go around it.

Place Barbed Wire along infantry approach routes to funnel infantry into a killing zone, i.e. an area covered by machine guns and/or mortars. This ensures that the enemy cannot flank your positions, and has to break through your line of fire.

Barbed Wire can be run over by almost all Vehicles without a moment's thought, so avoid placing it in areas where vehicles (both yours and the enemies) are likely to pass, or place Tank Traps in front of the wire to block vehicles as well.

Also, remember that enemy Engineer Squads can dismantle Barbed Wire.

Production Sand Bags Sand Bags Edit

  • Costs nothing
  • Takes 6 seconds to build per piece

Sand Bags are man-made cover for infantry. Infantry units behind sand-bags are in Cover Heavy.png Heavy Cover, making them less vulnerable to direct damage and Suppression. They are also slightly less vulnerable to explosives and artillery fire compared to troops in the open.

Like Barbed Wire, Sand-Bags also act as infantry obstacles. They give passing-by enemy infantry units a good place to take cover as they move, and should not be used for blocking infantry unless you actually want the enemy to take cover there (to bombard them with a nearby mortar, for instance).

This ability may also be used in a more offensive way. If you want to use Grenadiers to secure a sector, you can construct several pieces of sandbags near this point, and then start capturing territory, protecting them while capturing.

Sand-Bags can be run over by all medium and heavy vehicles without a moment's thought, so avoid placing it in areas where vehicles (both yours and the enemies) are likely to pass. Sand-Bags are also quite easily destroyed through explosions.

Abilities Edit

The Grenadier Squad has only one combat ability "Throw Grenade". Of course, just like other Wehrmacht infantry units or weapon teams, they can use Medical Kits and can convert garrisoned buildings into Forward Headquarters.

Ability Medical Supplies Medical Kit Edit

  • Requires escalation to skirmish phase
  • Costs 30Icon Munitions Small.png 30
  • Activation: Immediately
  • Duration: 60 seconds

After activation of this ability, the Grenadier Squad starts to recover health. This ability can be used in every place in friendly territory. However, after escalation to battle phase, a better version of this ability, the Field Medical Kit become available, allowing infantry squads to heal in enemy territory.

Each soldier of the squad recovers health at 72Icon Health Small.png 72 points per minute. There is one drawback: From activation squad's speed will be reduced for 18 seconds. This needs to be considered when activating the ability.

Ability Throw Grenade Axis Throw Grenade Edit

  • Costs 25Icon Munitions Small.png 25
  • Activation: Select Ground
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds

After the Throw Grenade ability is activated and aimed, the Grenadier Squad will move to within 25 meters of that point, where one of the squad members will pull out a M24 Grenade and lob it at the target spot.

1.2 seconds after the grenade hits the ground, it will explode with a damage output of 40. The radius of the explosion is 4.5 meters, though the 40-point maximum damage is only inflicted in the very center of the explosion. Other targets receive diminished damage, down to only 12 points at the outer radius. Still, there is good likelihood to instantly kill any already-injured infantryman caught within the blast radius regardless of how far away he is.

Due to the time it takes to throw the grenade and the somewhat long countdown, this weapon is primarily useful against stationary targets, including infantry behind cover and inside buildings. Weapon Teams are especially susceptible to this attack, since they cannot quickly get away. It can also force infantry out of cover.

Note that grenades do cause damage to vehicles, and have some (small) chance of destroying a vehicle's secondary weapon (if it has one) or damage its engine. However, actual damage is negligible to vehicles and even lower against enemy armor. It's usually better to restrict the use of grenades to infantry targets only.

Assault Grenades Edit

Ability Upgrade To Barracks Upgrade to Forward Headquarters Edit

  • Costs 260Icon Manpower Small.png 260
  • Requires the Grenadier Squad to garrison a neutral structure.
  • Requires the garrisoned structure to be inside captured and connected territory.
  • Activation: Through the garrisoned building's menu.
  • Takes 30 seconds to complete

When a Grenadier Squad enters a neutral structure inside captured and connected territory, this ability becomes availabe in the structure's menu.

Activating this ability begins a 30-second upgrade period, at the end of which the building will be converted into a Forward Headquarters.

A Forward Headquarters has two functions: Reinforcing infantry, and recruiting new infantry and weapon teams.

Reinforcement here works the same as it does at the Wehrmacht Headquarters: Any infantry units with casualties can move to within 25 meters of the Forward Headquarters, and will be able to replace any lost men for reduced costs compared to recruiting new squads.

Unit production is possible as well. Initially, the Forward Headquarters can only produce new Pioneer Squads and Volksgrenadier Squads. As more Wehrmacht base structures are constructed back at the HQ Territory, new production options will become available for the Forward Headquarters.

Existing Base Structure Unit Production Unlocked
Wehrmacht Headquarters Pioneer Squad
Wehrmacht Quarters Volksgrenadier Squad
MG42 Heavy Machine Gun Team
Krieg Barracks Gr.34 80mm Mortar Team
Grenadier Squad
Pak 38 50mm Anti-tank Gun
Panzer Command Knight's Cross Holders

These units cost the same amount of resources as they do when produced from their corresponding base structures. They will appear next to the Forward Headquarters when production is completed.

Note that all unit production at a Forward Headquarters is suspended if the sector it's in ever falls into enemy hands. You must recapture the sector to resume unit production.

Also note that converting a structure into a Forward Headquarters changes its ownership to Wehrmacht. The enemy cannot Garrison this structure with infantry. In fact, enemy infantry will be able to "un-convert" the structure back to a neutral structure, given time and opportunity, so you will need to protect your Forward Headquarters.

Upgrades Edit

MG42LMGupgrade MG42 Light Machine Gun Edit

  • Costs 75Icon Munitions Small.png 75
  • Requires 2 Open Weapon Slots
  • Requires escalation to assault phase
  • Takes 30 seconds to install.

Grenadiers can be upgraded with this advanced anti-infantry weapon if they have at least two open weapon slots. This upgrade is drastically increases their anti-infantry capabilities, but their mobility is slightly decreased. Up to two such weapons can be deployed for each grenadier squad.

Infantry units with an MG42 LMG can suppress enemy infantry, and maybe even pin them down. However they will be helpless in face of enemy vehicles.

Upgrade Panzerschreck RPzB 54 Panzerschreck Edit

  • Costs 75Icon Munitions Small.png 75
  • Requires 2 Open Weapon Slots
  • Requires escalation to skirmish phase
  • Takes 30 seconds to install.

Grenadiers will be equipped with the RPzB 54 Panzerschreck anti-tank launcher. This weapon allows the Grenadiers to tackle enemy vehicles. However, they will be less effective at fighting against infantry. Similar to other heavy weapons, Panzerschrecks can only be fired when the squad stands still.

Up to two such weapons can be deployed per Grenadier squad which allows them to effectively fight against enemy armor, though this reduces their anti-infantry capabilities.

Another issue with Panzerschrecks is that they may become abandoned if no squad members are able to pick them up. If captured in higher numbers, this can give enemies a very potent anti-tank force.

Veterancy Edit

Grenadiers gain veterancy through infantry veterancy upgrades at the Kampfkraft Center. If a whole squad is lost, a new one will still have these upgrades. In the case of Grenadiers, veterancy improves only their survivability and defensive capabilities. These bonuses are cumulative to each other.

No Veterancy:
  • Unit is at normal combat efficiency.
Level 1 Veterancy:
  • Health regeneration 10.56 hp/min.
Level 2 Veterancy:
Level 3 Veterancy:
  • +20% health.

Obtaining these upgrades may not be necessary in early in the game, however, they are vital later. Otherwise, the grenadier squad will not be able to survive under heavy fire and what's more important, fight effectively against stronger enemy units.

Description Edit

Usually battle-hardened veterans, the Grenadiers can complement any type of squad, whether supporting light machine gunners or providing protection from armored contingents. Their ability to wield the MG42 Light Machine Gun make them an impressive force when facing infantry, and their talents with the Panzerschreck anti-tank weapon make them particularly effective against armored units.

Weaknesses Edit

Grenadiers are heavy infantry, but still infantry. As rest of infantry squads, they are vulnerable to mortar rounds, artillery, or enfilade machine gun fire. Elite infantry type, gained through veterancy upgrades, improves their protection against small arms fire, but will increase their vulnerability to flamethrowers and sniper fire. It should be taken under consideration that each bullet fired in their direction from a sniper rifle will find and kill its target.

Elite infantry type also increases their vulnerability to suppression. Although a Grenadier Squad can survive under heavy fire from small calibre weapons for quite some time, they can be neutralized through suppressive fire much easier than other infantry units. 

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier in this article, Grenadiers have better firepower than mobility, which can be a disadvantage in offensive operations. Still, they are tough infantry and when properly upgraded, can fight effectively against most threats encountered on the battlefield.

Quotes Edit

When given a move order in battle:

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After recovering from suppression:

When leaving a building:

When badly wounded:

While receiving upgrades:

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While encountering specific units:

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