Guards Rifle Infantry
Army Soviet Army
Role Elite Infantry
Men per Squad 6
Unit Cost 360Icon Manpower Small.png 360
9Icon PopCap Small.png 9
Produced By Command Ability
Cost to Reinforce 30Icon Manpower Small.png 30
1Icon PopCap Small.png 1
Infantry Type Infantry
Basic Weapon Mosin Nagant Bolt-Action Rifles

Guards Rifle Infantry are elite rifle infantry with superior marksmanship. They are also versatile, given their upgrades and abilities.


RG-42 Anti-Personnel Grenade - Guards Rifle Infantry throw a grenade at the target location, causing damage in a large area to infantry, regardless of cover. This is best used to take out bunched up infantry, infantry behind cover or weapons teams. Costs 30Icon Munitions Small.png 30

RGD-1 Smoke Grenade - Guards Rifle Infantry throw a smoke grenade at the target location, creating a cloud of smoke lasting 30 seconds that blocks line of sight. This is most useful to screen the squad (or friendly squads) from attacks coming from a particular direction. This can allow them to maneuver into a more favorable position. Costs 15Icon Munitions Small.png 15

Button Vehicle - Guards Rifle Infantry use their DP-28 LMGs to target vision slits on a vehicle. This will cause the vehicle to slow to a crawl, be practically blind and unable to fire. While the ability itself causes no direct damage to the target vehicle (unless they had picked up AT weapons), it can allow other anti-tank units to close in and destroy the vehicle.


DP Light Machine Guns - Equips the squad with two DP-28 LMGs. This gives the squads some minor suppressive ability and anti-infantry capability. It also enables the use of the 'Button Vehicle' ability, especially useful in disabling heavier German tanks(or captured Soviet tanks. However, the soldiers with the LMGs cannot fire them on the move, making them ineffective in mobile situations. Costs 60Icon Munitions Small.png 60
PTRS 41 Anti-tank Rifles - Equips the squad with two PTRS-41 AT rifles. Firing 14.5mm rounds, this increases the squad's anti-armor and anti-building capability. This will slightly diminish the squad's anti-infantry capability due to the reduced rate of fire and accuracy against infantry. Note that while the PTRS is an anti-tank weapon, you cannot 'attack ground' with it, so it cannot directly target defenses. Also, while the PTRS is capable of penetrating light armor, it will have trouble against the front armor of most tanks and is basically useless against heavy armor (even the rear). Costs 60Icon Munitions Small.png 60