Hebecrevon is a location of the 11th mission in the american campaign in Company of Heroes.


With St. Lo captured, the Panzer-Lehr division was sent to take it back. They were annihilated by P-47 Thunderbolt strikes.

Able Company was tasked to take out the remaining Panther Tanks of the division before they could escape and regroup.

Mission EventsEdit

Able Company arrives to the scene with an M10 Tank Destroyer and an M4 Sherman with their Tank Depot and HQ already set up. Engineers must bulid a base to repel counterattacks. This is a first mission, where M10 Tank destroyers are available.

Completing this mission will show a cutscene, when a tiger ace shows up and kills Captain Mackay while Lt. Conti survivies the explosion.

Medals EarnedEdit

Distinguished Service MedalEdit

Awarded for completing mission without losing more than 10 tanks.


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