Hauptmann Joseph Gunter "Ace" Schultz is the commander of the Panzergruppe in Company of Heroes.

Role in Company of HeroesEdit

Joseph Schultz was a German Tank captain during the Invasion of Normandy. He serves as the Primary Antagonist in the game. His first encounter with Able was the defense of Monteuberg where he and his division tries to delay the convoy known as The Red Ball Express.After a failed attempt to delay the convoy,he watches Captain Mackay afar while his division withdraws.He later crosses path with Able Company again while defending St.Lo with his unit.He escapes the Allied bombing with seven Panthers at Hebecrevon.He kills Captain Mackay as a revenge for his defeat and escapes again. He later commands the Tigergroupen 502 at Autry to hold the advancing Americans and allow the 2nd Panzer Division to escape.Able Company arrives with an M26 Pershing tank and destroys his Tiger,killing Schultz along with his crew.

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