Role Medium Tank
Unit Cost 410Icon Manpower Small.png 410, 10Icon PopCap Small.png 10, 80Icon Fuel Small.png 80
Prereq. Heavy Tankovy upgrade
Produced By Soviet Tank Hall
Primary armament 76.2 mm F-34
Secondary armament DT LMG
Health 550Icon Health Small.png 550
Armor Heavy
Max. Speed 4 m/s

The KV-1 is a reward unit from Company of Heroes: Eastern Front that replaces the T-34/76.

Armor Edit

It has a thick 50 mm armor so it can't be penetrated by guns smaller than 5 cm guns.

Weapons Edit

76.2 mm F-34 Edit

The F-34 gun is just fairly accurate and penetrate most armor of medium tanks but not heavy tanks. Each hit drains 87.5 hit points and reloads 6 seconds.

DT Light Machinegun Edit

This LMG bursts 15-25 bullets before intervals, each hit drains 4 hitpoints and reloads for 3 seconds. However this is not a good anti-infantry weapon because its not accurate and it has low damage.

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