Company Of Heroes Edit

Editors: a GIMP file used for labelling sectors can be found here. To move and edit labels use GIMP's Layers dialogue.

Base Game Edit

2 vs 2 Edit

Achelous River Edit
Achelous River Labelled Sectors
Alsace Moselle Edit
Alsace Moselle Labelled Sectors-0
Bedlum Edit
Bedlum Labelled Sectors
Duclair Edit
Duclair Labelled Sectors
Ecliptic Fields Edit
Ecliptic Fields Labelled Sectors
Etavaux Edit
Etavaux Labelled Sectors
Gilroy's Harbour Edit
Gilroy's Harbour Labelled Sectors
Linden Edit
Linden Labelled Sectors
Lorraine Edit
Lorraine Labelled Sectors
Lyon Edit
Lyon Labelled Sectors

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