MG42 HMG Team
Army Wehrmacht
Men per Squad 3
Unit Cost 250Icon Manpower Small.png 250
3Icon PopCap Small.png 3
Upkeep per Minute -1.34Icon Manpower Small.png -1.34 (per man)
Produced By Wehrmacht Quarters
Cost to Reinforce 43Icon Manpower Small.png 43
1Icon PopCap Small.png 1
Health per Man 55Icon Health Small.png 55
Infantry Type Infantry
Basic Weapon Maschinengewehr 42
Max. Speed 3 m/s

The MG 42 Heavy Machine Gun team is the Axis anti-infantry unit. Its main role is to pin down enemy infantry, so other units like the Grenadiers or Volksgrenadiers can move in and kill them. The team is comprised of three men, a gunner, a loader and a spotter. The team can be very powerful if supported by other units, like a Grenadier squad who can guard the MG's flank and also move into the pinned enemies and kill them. A mortar team coupled with them can make a very strong defense, where the opponent would find it nigh impossible to destroy other than by artillery.


MG42's are the Machine Gun of the Axis forces in the game, they have decent firepower with the largest range of any Machine Gun combined with the fastest suppression and pinning effect around. Early in the game, those guns are mainly used to suppress enemy infantry while other units deal out the damage. These are great for suppressing infantry in situations that range from making a heavy assault to defending an important strategic location.

The biggest weakness MG42's have is they can be flanked quite easily by jeeps or riflemen, it only takes one squad to flank and dispose of it. So, if one of your MG42's is going to be flanked and killed, bite the bullet and retreat it before the enemy squad not only kills the crew but take the gun and use it for themselves. Make sure the machine guns aren't flanked in combat by covering them with more HMG's or volksgrenadiers. If those do get flanked, make the enemy take much more casualties than you do and set the guns up in a defensive position so that if it dies, volksgrenadiers can recrew it for a very small manpower cost.

MG42's are great at defending strategic points or inside buildings & bunkers as they have a 360' view to shoot at any direction of incoming enemy units. But be warned that MG's destroyed inside a building or bunker can't be remanned. Grenades hitting your gun in a building can be quite lethal, destroying the whole squad in some cases. Also, it takes a few seconds before the gun crews evacuate, since they have to pack up the heavy machine gun. Therefore, prevent riflemen or airborne squads to come close to the building, and order your MG crews to exit the building early when it seems insecure.

Weapons Edit

MG42 Heavy Machine GunEdit

The MG42 heavy machine gun is one of the most widely known weapons used in world war 2. It is a terrifying weapon, just like in reality. It is mounted on the tripod, has limited firing cone and has to be deployed first.

The MG42 has an amazing rate of fire. Fires burst, which lasts about 2-2.5 seconds. Each burst consist from 32 to 40 bullets. After 5 such bursts, weapon has to be reloaded, what takes about 7 seconds. Each hit inflicts 7 points of damage.

Although its firing rate is very good, one can’t say it about the accuracy of this weapon. On maximum range of 45 meters, only mere 12.5% bullets will hit, but rate of fire still guarantees killing infantry at decent rate. Accuracy increases to 30% on less than 22 meters, and to 60%, if target is closer than 11 meters. Enemy infantry won’t last long, if they find themselves in such distance. They will be decimated in seconds.

Although MG42 is deadly, killing power is not its main advantage – it is the Suppression. Thanks to rapid fire properties, every infantry unit will hit the ground – one way or another. Suppressed enemy infantry is an easy prey for other units.

Abilities Edit

The MG42 HMG Team doesn't have any combat abilities. Of course, as other Wehrmacht infantry units, can use Medical Kit. Furthermore, as every unit, which can garrison structures, can turn neutral buildings into Forward Headquarters.

Ability Medical Supplies Medical Kit Edit

  • Requires escalation to skirmish phase
  • Costs 30Icon Munitions Small.png 30
  • Activation: Immediate
  • Duration: 60 seconds

After activation of this ability, weapon crew starts to recover health. This ability can be used in every place in friendly territory. However, after escalation to battle phase, better version of this ability, the Field Medical Kit become available. Then, infantry squads will be able to heal themselves even in enemy territory.

Each soldier of the squad recovers health in speed of 72Icon Health Small.png 72 points per minute. There is however one drawback: from activation squad's speed will be reduced for 18 seconds. This should be taken under consideration, while choosing moment of activation.

Ability Upgrade To Barracks Upgrade to Forward Headquarters Edit

  • Costs 260Icon Manpower Small.png 260
  • Requires the MG42 HMG Team to garrison a neutral structure.
  • Requires the garrisoned structure to be inside captured and connected territory.
  • Activation: Through the Garrisoned Structure's menu.
  • Takes 30 seconds to complete

When a MG42 HMG Team enters a neutral structure that's inside captured and connected territory, this ability appears in that structure's menu.

Activating this ability begins a 30-second upgrade period, at the end of which the building will be converted into a Forward Headquarters.

A Forward Headquarters has two functions: reinforcing infantry, and constructing new units.

Reinforcement here works the same as it does at the Wehrmacht Headquarters: any infantry units which have lost one or more men can move to within 25 meters of the Forward Headquarters, and will be able to replace any lost men for a nominal cost.

Unit production is possible here as well. Initially, the Forward Headquarters can only produce new Pioneer Squads and Volksgrenadier Squads. As more Wehrmacht base structures are constructed back at the HQ Territory, new production options will become enabled at the Forward Headquarters:

Existing Base Structure Unit Production Unlocked
Wehrmacht Headquarters Pioneer Squad
Wehrmacht Quarters Volksgrenadier Squad
MG42 Heavy Machine Gun Team
Krieg Barracks Gr.34 80mm Mortar Team
Grenadier Squad
Pak 38 50mm Anti-tank Gun
Panzer Command Knight's Cross Holders

These units cost the same amount of resources as they do when produced from their appropriate base structures. They will appear next to the Forward Headquarters when production is completed.

Note that all unit production at a Forward Headquarters is suspended if the sector it's in ever falls into enemy hands. You must recapture the sector to re-enable unit production.

Also note that converting a structure into a Forward Headquarters changes its ownership to Wehrmacht. The enemy cannot Garrison this structure with infantry. In fact, enemy infantry will be able to "un-convert" the structure back to a neutral structure, given time and opportunity, so you will need to protect your Forward Headquarters from this possibility.

Veterancy Edit

MG42 gains veterancy through Support team veterancy upgrades, which are available at the Kampfkraft Center. Each unit, which is already on the battlefield, or will be built, receive proper upgrades. It is worth noting, that this is a support weapon, and if it has been decrewed, and remanned again, it will retrieve the upgrades.

No Veterancy:
  • Unit is at normal combat efficiency.
Level 1 Veterancy:
  • Accuracy increased by 25%,
  • Reload reduced by 25%.
Level 2 Veterancy:
Level 3 Veterancy:
  • Sight Radius + 15.


The tripod-based MG42 heavy machine gun is a formidable weapon in the hands of Axis troops. Its distinct buzz-sound accompanies hundreds of rounds of ammunition. The weapon is effective at both short to modestly long ranges. As a mounted weapon, an MG42 can be flanked, hit by mortars or take artillery rounds. If a crewman is killed while using the weapon, a replacement will take his place. If all crew members are lost, the weapon can be recaptured for future use by either faction.


  • MG42s are extremely useful for pinning infantry, and they provide incredible support to Volksgrenadiers and Pioneers that are equipped with Flamethrowers.
  • Keep MG teams behind the main line of troops as you engage the enemy - they can shoot further than they can see.
  • Against fired-up Rangers, it is a good idea to support them with flamer-pioneers or MP40 Volksgrenadiers.
  • Set them up, but don't try to select their target for them, or else they'll pack up and move into range of their target if it ever moves away from the MG's line of fire. They will generally try to pick the target directly ahead of where you set them up, and good US players will use this to get around them.
  • Plan carefully when you put them in houses or bunkers. Building cover is great defense, but they won't fire for 3 seconds if they have to change windows. This gives your opponent plenty of time to circle the house without taking MG42 damage.


While being weak against mortar fires, the MG is also very vulnerable to a sniper fire and flanking manoeuvres, as the gun needs to be redeployed to fire in a different direction, and also needs to be undeployed for the team to move. These setup and takedown times render the team vulnerable to grenades and indirect fire, such as off or on-map artillery.


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