Major-General Maximillan Voss is a character in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts & Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor. He was the commander of the Tiger tank "205" in France and later Kampfgruppe Lehr in Holland.


Probably a veteran of the First World War, Voss began to serve Germany again in the Panzer units of the Waffen SS. He participated in major campaigns against Poland in 1939 and later to France in 1940.

In 1941, he was relocated to the Eastern Front and participated in Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union. Then, in 1942, he joined the 502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion and was relocated to Leningrad. There, he and his crew started to make a name for themselves as the "Tiger Ace" with their Tiger "205" tank . He would stay in the east until 1944 where he and his crew were redeployed back to France.

Sometime between 1942 and 1944, the Tiger 205 received an upgraded engine, although this suffered from mechanical problems. On June 13, still suffering engine trouble, he and his crew arrived in the town of Villiers-Bocage and delayed the British 7th Armoured division by infliticing heavy casualties. However, during the fighting, the Tiger was knocked out by a British 6-pounder anti-tank gun (in the game, however, it was depicted as an American M1 57mm AT gun).

Despite this, Voss and his crew were able to escape back to German headquarters and later, with infantry reinforcements and a new Tiger tank, recaptured Villiers-Bocage from the Allied Forces. While the Tiger's gunner, Josef Schultz, remained in Normandy, Voss and the rest of his crew were sent to Holland where he was promoted to Major-General and took command of the newly created Kampfgruppe Lehr.

He commanded Kampfgruppe Lehr during the Allied invasion of Holland in Operation Market Garden, where he and Kampfgruppe Lehr successfully fend off the American airborne paratroopers controlling three critical bridges, and later held off the British Army's 30th Corps.

Although of what happened to him after Operation Market Garden was not known, however, due to him still being in command of Kampfgruppe Lehr at the end of the campaign it's possible that he would go on to send the Kamprgruppe Lehr to the Battle Of Debrecen and other battles. Voss did end up surviving the war and retired somewhere in Germany. He was probably based off of Michael Wittman and Fritz Bayerlein.


""Ausgezeichnete Arbeit Panzertuppen""

""Destroy the occupiers""

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