Medals are 'achievements' earned by completing bonus missions during the campaigns.

Invasion of NormandyEdit

Badge Image and Title Description
Medal-Expert Infantryman Badge
Awarded for clearing beach exit Dog Red.
Medal-Parachutist Badge
Awarded for destroying Axis road patrols.
Medal-Army Sharpshooter Badge
Awarded for killing Squads with a Sniper
Medal-Bronze Star
Awarded for causing heavy Axis casualties
Medal-Distinguished Service Cross
Awarded for destroying the 109th Panzer Company
Medal-Soldiers Medal
Awarded for securing port facility intact.
Medal-Air Medal
Awarded for killing Axis Base Commander.
Medal-Bronze Star
Awarded for destroying Axis headquarters.
Medal-Soldiers Medal
Awarded for capturing Hill 192 in record time
Medal-Army Ranger Badge
Awarded for obtaining Rank 3 Veterancy with a Ranger Squad
Medal-Distinguished Service Medal
Awarded for completing mission without any Allied Armor lost.
Medal-Army Expert Badge
Awarded for rescuring Rangers in Abbey.
Medal-Silver Star
Awarded for completing mission with more than 250 Points remaining.
Medal-Legion of Merit
Awarded for destroying all the Axis Supply Trucks.
Medal-Medal of Honor
Awarded for killing 300 Germans.
Medal-American Campaign Medal
Awarded for closing the Falaise pocket.

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