Nebelwerfer 41
Nebelwerfer 00
15 cm Nebelwerfer 41
Army Wehrmacht
Role Mobile artillery support
Men per Squad 3
Unit Cost 325Icon Manpower Small.png 325
5Icon PopCap Small.png 5
Produced By Sturm Armory
Cost to Reinforce 45Icon Manpower Small.png 45
1Icon PopCap Small.png 1
Health per Man 55Icon Health Small.png 55
Infantry Type Infantry
Basic Weapon 1x 150mm Nebelwerfer
Max. Speed 3 m/s

The Nebelwerfer is an Axis Weapon Team used by the Wehrmacht, featured in Company of Heroes.

Overview Edit

The Nebelwerfer 41 (English: Fog thrower) is a mobile artillery platform used by the Wehrmacht during the conflict. Unlike its descendants, it can only fire high-explosive rockets (Even though it fires incendiary rockets in-game). It is operated by a crew of three, a spotter, a loader and a shooter, armed with a Walther P38 for defensive countermeasures. It is equipped with six barrels, each firing 34kg (75lb) 150mm Wurfgranate 41 rockets. The rockets have a good range, and can be fired even through the fog of war. It is nicknamed by the Allies as "Screaming mimi" due to its distinctive screeches when it fires its salvo.

It is capable of destroying anything that it hits, from infantry squads, structures to light vehicles and tanks. Infantry that are attacked by the Wurfgranate 41 rockets are prone to suppression and being pinned down due to the massive explosions and the incendiary properties of the rockets. It is also fatal against stationary installations and Active Defenses such as the 105mm Howitzers, effectively burning their crew to death and leaving it open for use. Any commander wielding multiple Nebelwerfers would be pleased by the massive destruction caused by these rocket launchers firing en masse while the enemy runs for cover.

However, the loud screech and the smoke trail from the rockets is a warning sign that it is on the field and active, revealing its position.


  • With patch 2.602 the bug that made Nebel rockets have a chance of instant-killing everything in a building has been removed.

Veterancy Edit

The Nebelwerfer is a crewed weapon, it gains veterancy through researching Support Team Upgrades, available at the Kampfkraft Center. Each unit, which is already on the battlefield, or will be built, receive proper upgrades. It is worth noting, that this is a support weapon, and if it has been decrewed, and remanned again, it will retrieve the upgrades. These bonuses are cumulative to each other:

No Veterancy:
  • Unit is at normal combat efficiency.
Level 1 Veterancy:
  • Maximum speed increased by 35%.
  • Barrage recharge time -10 seconds (80 seconds total).
Level 2 Veterancy:
  • Maximum health increased by 15%.
  • Barrage recharge time -10 seconds (70 seconds total).
Level 3 Veterancy:
  • Damage increased by 15%.
  • Barrage recharge time -10 seconds (60 seconds total).

Tactics Edit

Although it can function on its own as an ambush artillery unit, it would be advisable to have it escorted with infantry and vehicles, or it might fall prey to lurking snipers and charging infantry. Due to its wide radius and inaccurate rockets, the rockets will be expected to not hit its target. So, multiple - about five or more of - deployment of these artillery units will make this sort of attack more effective. This tactic can be effective on maps such as Hochland Gap, as a group can either bombard bases or dislodge groups of enemies who have "entrenched" themselves at a vital choke point.

  • Don't forget that it is a mobile artillery piece - use its mobility to keep it elusive against counter-battery fire and other artillery units that may try to destroy it. The smoke trails and loud screeches will reveal its position; have it move around the battlefield to keep it and the crew from trouble.
  • If the circumstances require it, the Nebelwerfers can be micromanaged to fire one at a time, where a continuous barrage of rockets will most likely destroy anything.
  • As the Nebelwerfer is a Weapons Team, you can intentionally get the crew killed, protect the now-unmanned weapon, and build more Nebelwerfers to get around the 5 population cost, then re-manning the previous ones with cheap units like Pioneers or Volksgrenadiers. Doing so can easily go over the population limit.

Weaknesses Edit

Because of its poor crew protection, Nebelwerfers are highly vulnerable to small arms fire. The shooter armed with a Walther P38 pistol means that the crew can do very little against infantry unless the crew are replaced with powerful infantry. They also take up a significant amount in the population cap - 5Icon PopCap Small.png 5 per unit, decreasing its ability to be fielded in large quantities.

As Nebelwerfers are Weapon Teams, the crew can be neutralized and the launcher can be captured by enemy infantry. They are also highly inaccurate, causing sporadic damage if not used en masse. And although explosions caused by the nebelwerfers are quite spectacular, they do little or no damage to armored vehicles, not to mention about tanks. Infantry can use transport vehicles in order to avoid damage and suppression caused by the nebelwerfers, what can greatly reduce chaos caused by these units, although this method can be also considered as very impractical, especially during engagements.

Finally, their massive smoke trail after firing also reveals their position which can be easily fired upon by Allied artillery. And due to their long recharge time, they will be vulnerable to other attacks.

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