Icons factions faction german 32
Utilize Germany's allies as support infantry to shore up defenses on the line. Combine these support infantry with experienced German officers and resources to break enemy attacks and hold valuable ground.

Icons commander portrait german commander 15 large
Osttruppen Doctrine
Icons units unit german ostruppen 0
Osttruppen Squad
Deploy weak but numerous Osttruppen infantry to the battlefield.
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Icons commander cmdr german field officer group 1
Artillery Field Officer
An Artillery Field Officer specializing in supporting troops is allocated to your command.
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Icons building german slit trench 2
Allows German infantry to dig defensive trenches.
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Icons commander cmdr german air dropped resources 3
Supply Drop Zone
Cargo planes will fly over a designated Fuel or Munitions point, dropping off resource crates that can be recovered by infantry.
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Icons commander cmdr german off map dora support 12
Railway Artillery Support
Off-map railway will fire three large caliber shells at the designated target.

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