Ostwind Flakpanzer
Otswind 01
Role Heavy anti-infantry vehicle
Unit Cost 410Icon Manpower Small.png 410
40Icon Fuel Small.png 40
8Icon PopCap Small.png 8
Upkeep per Minute -10.75Icon Manpower Small.png -10.75
Produced By Panzer Command
Primary armament 37 mm Flak 43
Health 400Icon Health Small.png 400
Armor Medium
Max. Speed 5 m/s
The Ostwind Flakpanzer or Ostwind is a heavy vehicle fielded by the Wehrmacht in Company of Heroes. Armed with a fast firing 37 mm anti-aircraft cannon it is very effective against infantry squads, medium vehicles and of course, enemy planes.

Overview Edit

The Ostwind Flakpanzer, Ostwind for short, is a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun based on the standard Panzer IV tank chassis. The Ostwind Flakpanzer is armed with a 37mm FlaK 43 Rapid Fire Cannon mounted in a six side paneled turret with a MG34 as secondary armament. Ostwind Flakpanzers are available in Tier 4 once Axis Commanders construct the Panzer Command. Their 37mm Flak 43 Rapid Fire Cannon makes them one of the best anti-aircraft and anti-infantry vehicles in the game. The 37mm Flak 43 cannon can rip through infantry and lightly armored vehicles with ease. As it is built on a Panzer IV chassis it is relatively tough. Its MG34 is also fairly useful for pinning down infantry, allowing the 37mm Flak cannon to pick them off. They are usually used as an infantry support vehicle as the 37mm Flak 43 provides excellent anti-personal and anti-material fire while also providing cover for advancing friendly infantry.

Ostwind Flakpanzers also perform best in Panzer Columns, supporting infantry and other panzers while preventing enemy infantry from using light anti-tank weapons. Its rapid fire rate is also useful for taking down infantry in buildings, fortifications, and base structures, creating havoc among Allied troops. Near hits from the Ostwind cause infantry to scatter, effectively suppressing them.

A battle group consisting of an Ostwind Flakpanzer and two Grenadier Squads equipped with Panzerschrecks can destroy an enemy command area with ease before the enemy can try to counter the assault. First, move the Ostwind fast forward to the enemy territory. If there are Machine Gun Emplacement present, the Grenadier Squads should to avoid them from being suppressed and let the Ostwind destroy the emplacement. After the emplacement destroyed, move your Ostwind and Grenadier Squads to the command area and wait until they destroyed the whole company. When attacking, watch for enemy AT positions such as M1 57mm AT Gun before you move the Ostwind.

Weapons Edit

The Ostwind Flakpanzer is armed with two weapons. Its main armament is a fast firing 37 mm anti-aircraft cannon, mounted on the open turret. The secondary weapon, MG42 is mounted in the hull.

37 mm Flak 43 Edit

The Flak 37 mm anti-aircraft cannon is the main weapon of this vehicle. It is very effective against infantry units and to some degree against medium armored vehicles.

The 37 mm cannon Flak 43 fires in bursts and each such burst contains three shells. After five such bursts the weapon has to be reloaded, which can take from 4 to 6 seconds. The pause between bursts is very small and equal to about 0.5 seconds, which results in an outstanding rate of fire.

Each shell delivers 40 points of damage, which together with the unit's high rate of fire leads to devastating results, especially among enemy infantry units. This amount of damage is reduced by 10% in case of infantry with "soldier" type.

As mentioned earlier, the 37 mm cannon is effective against medium armored vehicles. Penetration values are too weak for heavier allied tanks and shells fired in their direction will most likely bounce off. The chance for penetration increases slightly when fired at rear armor, however.

The priority target for this weapon is P47 thunderbolts. The Ostwind Flakpanzer will always fire at these planes, if they are in range, even if other enemies are nearby. There is a slight chance to completely neutralize command abilities like recon, strafing or bombing run, available for the Airborne Company.

MG 42 Edit

The MG42 mounted in the hull is the secondary weapon of the Ostwind Flakpanzer. Nonetheless, it is one of the weakest weapons in the entire game.

The MG42 fires in bursts, which last 3 or 4 seconds. Each burst contains from 12 to 24 bullets. Each bullet deals 3 points of damage, which is not a lot and even this amount is reduced in case of few infantry units. After five such bursts weapon has to be reloaded, what takes about 6 seconds.

The maximum range of the MG42 is equal to 25 meters, so 15 meter less than range of the main cannon. Its accuracy, however, is very small and equals to 5% on the maximum distance. Accuracy grows a bit, when target is closer, but it doesn't increase usefulness of this weapon in a significant degree.

Veterancy Edit

The Ostwind Flakpanzer is classified as a heavy vehicle, and gains veterancy through researching Tank veterancy upgrades available at the Kampfkraft Center. Every vehicle which is already on the battlefield, or will be built, receives proper upgrades. These bonuses are cumulative to each other.

No Veterancy:
  • Unit is at normal combat efficiency.
Level 1 Veterancy:
  • Damage received decreased by 15%.
Level 2 Veterancy:
  • Maximum health increased by 15%.
Level 3 Veterancy:
  • Accuracy increased by 40%.

Tips Edit

  • It is rumored that it is possible to drive it close to a house at a certain spot and make it raise its gun so high that it acts like it is shooting at planes, thus firing very fast and deadly.
  • Patch 2.602 saw a shift in the Tier 4 production, as the Ostwind seemed to lose effectiveness with the infamous "burstbug" being fixed and Knight's Cross Holders being buffed, with KCHs now being an increased weapon of choice vs. enemy infantry.
  • It is a good choice when it comes to wreaking havoc among infantry,even anti-tank infantry will have tough time trying to engage it due to its tremendous rate of fire.Though head on assault with anti-tank infantry is not recommended, it can take care of the threat easily if micro-managed. Everything said, it is one of the best assets in the Wehrmacht's arsenal to quell infantry (only) incursions in disputed sectors. Even raids by a group of 2-3 infantry squads can be coolly warded off by it due to its speed and maneuverability assuming there are no enemy tanks or anti-tank guns. NOTE: The AI will generally don't commit the same mistake twice so don't expect the AI to keep sending unsupported infantry right up the same sector; however although AI do sometimes make bigger mistakes twice, it is always a good idea to keep your Ostwinds mobile switching between sectors regardless.
  • In case there is a mixed array of enemy infantry and tanks, use your main tanks as meat shields and tank destroyers. While Ostwinds are parked at the rear of your tanks, infantry will surely have one hell of a time caught in this meat grinder. This in a way secures your main tanks against close range infantry attacks.

Weaknesses Edit

Although Ostwind Flakpanzers are deadly among aircraft and infantry in reality its anti-aircraft capability is only useful when American Forces choose the Airborne Company, and with luck, manage to shoot down incoming fighter bombers and Paratroopers, or against incoming British Commando planes. Since it only becomes available in Tier 4 Allied forces usually already possess heavy tanks such as the M4 Sherman and the powerful 17-pounder Sherman Firefly. Its 37mm FlaK cannon does very little damage against tanks, and its mediocre protection makes it a useless weapon if engaged by a tank without support. Its high cost and low effectiveness make most Axis Commanders build the cheaper but sturdier StuG IV or Panzer IV, which have anti-tank capabilites at the sacrifice of anti-air. A highly effective counter to the Ostwind is the M10 Wolverine which is fast enough to chase it down and has a superb anti tank cannon. It is advised to have Ostwinds partnered with StuGs, Panzer IVs or Panthers to prevent such an attack.

Flakpanzer Variant Edit

The Panzer Elite possesses the self-propelled anti-aircraft gun Wirbelwind Flakpanzer which is armed with the quadruple 20mm Flakvierling 38 L/112.5 anti-aircraft gun.

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An article about this unit in real life can be found here.

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"Dead Americans, coming up!"

"Heavy Recon, here!"