Sottevast was the location of the American Mission in Company of Heroes


In the previous mission, Cherbourg was ruined. Seargent Conti himself said that the port would take many months to repair. But on the bright side, they found blueprints for a secret weapon being developed by the Wehrmacht: the V2 Missile. A Squad of Airborne Infantry was immedietally sent to Stottevast to destroy the facility.

Mission EventsEdit

An Airborne Squad was ordered to take a Flakvierling 38 and a strategic point to hold up for reinforcements. However, 2 MG42s were garrisoned in the nearby Guard Towers. Several Squads were suppressed and killed before one lucky paratrooper managed to throw a satchel charge through the window.


The Mission is named V2 Rocket in the game files.

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