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Special Rifle Command
Role Early unit production structure
Unit Cost 160Icon Manpower Small.png 160
10Icon Fuel Small.png 10
Produced By Combat Engineers

The Special Rifle Command is a production center built by the Soviet Army in Company of Heroes 2.

Game Info Edit

Either a Special Rifle Command or Support Weapon Kampaneya is required to build the Tankoviy Battalion Command.

Production Edit

The Special Rifle Command produces three units: The Scout Sniper, the M3A1 Scout Car and the Penal Battalion.

Scout Sniper Edit

  • Costs 360Icon Manpower Small.png 360, 9Icon PopCap Small.png 9
  • Takes 36 seconds to produce

M3A1 Scout Car Edit

  • Costs 190Icon Manpower Small.png 190, 15Icon Fuel Small.png 15 5Icon PopCap Small.png 5
  • Takes 30 seconds to produce

Penal Battalion Edit

  • Costs 270Icon Manpower Small.png 270, 7Icon PopCap Small.png 7
  • Takes 26 seconds to produce

Strategy Edit

The Special Rifle Command offers strong anti-infantry choices. However, apart from the Scout Sniper, these units do not scale well into the mid and late game.

The Scout Sniper can mount a reliable MP drain on the enemy. With two snipers per squad, it can survive sniper-on-sniper engagements better, but die to indirect fire.

The M3A1 Scout Car is often used with either a Combat Engineer or a Penal Battalion with a flamethrower. This combination is called a "Clown Car" and is very effective at clearing garrisons and chasing down retreating infantry.

The Penal Battalion is a strong close-range anti-infantry squad. When upgraded with flamethrowers, they become a powerful anti-garrison unit, especially with their Satchel Charges.

Gallery Edit

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