StugIII Ausf E COH2 Ostheer
StuG III Ausf. E Assault Gun
StuG III Ausf.E Assault Gun picture COH2 Ostheer
Role Assault Gun
Unit Cost 200Icon Manpower COH2 Small.png 200 8Icon PopCap COH2 Small.png 8
75Icon Fuel COH2 Small.png 75
Upkeep per Minute -12Icon Manpower COH2 Small.png -12
Prereq. Mechanized Assault Doctrine
Produced By Call-in
Primary armament 7.5 cm KwK 37
Secondary armament 1x 7.92mm MG 42
Health 560Icon Health Small.png 560
Armor Front: 140
Rear: 70
Max. Speed 6m p/s
This is an article about Company of Heroes 2.
Are you looking for the StuG IV article for the original Company of Heroes?

The StuG III Ausf. E Assault Gun is strong vs infantry and light vehicles.

Overview Edit

The StuG III Ausf. E is almost exactly the same as the StuG III Ausf. G; another Assault Gun, but has a weaker main gun and is slightly cheaper in terms of manpower and fuel.

Weapons Edit

7.5 cm Kampfwagenkanone 37 Edit

Hull-mounted 7.92mm MG 42 Edit

Info here

Abilities Edit

Ability Target Weak Point COH2 Ostheer Target Weak Point Edit

  • Requires Veteran 1
  • Cost 35Icon Munition COH2 Small.png 35 to activate
  • Activation: Select Vehicle
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds

Info here

Tactics Edit

Info here.

Veterancy Edit

Veterancy1 CoH2 Level 1 Veterancy:
  • Unlocks the 'Target Weak Point' ability
Veterancy2 CoH2 Level 2 Veterancy:
  • +30% armor
  • -10% reload time
Veterancy3 CoH2 Level 3 Veterancy:
  • -30% reload time
  • +20% rotation speed
  • +20% maximum speed
  • +20% ac/deceleration

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