Support Weapon Kampaneya
Role Support infantry production structure
Unit Cost 160Icon Manpower Small.png 160
20Icon Fuel Small.png 20
Produced By Combat Engineers

The Support Weapon Kampaneya is a production center built by the Soviet Army in Company of Heroes 2.

Game Info Edit

Either a Special Rifle Command or Support Weapon Kampaneya is required to build the Tankoviy Battalion Command.

Production Edit

The Support Weapon Kampaneya produces three units: The M1910 Maxim Heavy Machine Gun, the PM-41 82mm Mortar Squad and the ZiS-3 76mm divisional field gun.

MaximHeavyMachineGunProductionIconM1910 Maxim Heavy Machine Gun Edit

  • Costs 260Icon Manpower Small.png 260, 6Icon PopCap Small.png 6
  • Takes 26 seconds to produce

SovietMortarTeamProductionIconPM-41 82mm Mortar Squad Edit

  • Costs 240Icon Manpower Small.png 240, 6Icon PopCap Small.png 6
  • Takes ? seconds to produce

ZiS-3 76mmDivisionalFieldGunProductionIconZiS-3 76mm divisional field gun Edit

  • Costs 320Icon Manpower Small.png 320, 9Icon PopCap Small.png 9
  • Takes 36 seconds to produce

Strategy Edit

The Support Weapon Kampaneya provides access to all the support weapons a Soviet player will ever need. They are all decent in their intended role, but as their nature suggests, they need to be supported.

The M1910 Maxim is a decent HMG. While it has a narrow firing arc, it makes up for it with a short set-up/pack-up time, and very quick suppression. In buildings, it gains a much wider firing arc. It is effective against massed infantry, and can quickly reposition to react to enemy flanks.

The PM-41 Mortar has a large crew, making it more durable against small-arms fire than its German counter-part. Additionally, it gains a very useful Flare ability at Vet 1, which allows it to spot targets for itself and other units.

The ZiS-3 lacks the rate-of-fire that the Pak 40 has, but it makes up for it with versatility. Though it costs munitions, it is extremely effective at forcing enemy infantry and team weapons to reposition, allowing your supporting forces to catch them when they are the most vulnerable.

Gallery Edit

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