M17 Armored Car
Role Medium scout vehicle
Unit Cost 280Icon Manpower Small.png 280
40Icon Fuel Small.png 40
4Icon PopCap Small.png 4
Upkeep per Minute -6.91Icon Manpower Small.png -6.91
Prereq. None
Produced By Motor Pool
Primary armament M6 37mm Gun
Secondary armament none
Health 265Icon Health Small.png 265
Armor Light
Max. Speed 6.4 m/s

The T17 Armored Car is a reward vehicle for Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, replacing the M8 Greyhound. It has the same M6 37mm turret as the M8 Greyhound, but with a higher firing rate (twice as fast as the M8 Greyhound's fire rate) and lower penetration values against enemy armor. However, the T17 has the ability to fire White Phosphorus rounds which can temporarily stun enemy vehicles - giving time for the T17 to escape or flank. Unfortunately, despite the turret's higher firing rate, it is usually only effective against the lightest of vehicles - such as recon vehicles and the Panzer Elite's half-tracks. Generally the M8 greyhound (which it replaces) is a lot better against vehicles (due to better penetration values) while the T-17 is better against infantry (due to the faster firing rate). Typically, American players will choose the T17 Armored Car when playing against the Panzer Elite, and use the M8 Greyhound when playing against the Wehrmacht.

Veterancy bonuses:

Vet 1: Sandbags add-on - Health bonus +50 (315 in total)

Vet 2: Sight-radius (x 1.3)

Vet 3: Accuracy improved (x 1.15) and 50 cal. Machine Gunner upgrade


- Use the T17 as a fast-scout and fast-response vehicle, groups of T17's can easily roam your offensive line to devastate enemy infantry. Watch out for hidden Pak 38's as 2-3 shots will generally neutralize a T17.

- With the Armor Company ability Raid you can use the T17 to not only protect your line against infantry but also effectively cap enemy territory after eliminating enemy troops.

- Use the White Phosphorus Rounds to stun enemy tanks and use the M1 57mm Anti Tank Gun to take out the stunned vehicle. This strategy can be devastating if you have 2 T17s engage an enemy tank simultaneously, one firing its White Phosphorus Rounds and the other driving behind the vehicle to hit its rear armor, as the first T17's ability begins to diminish, have the second T17 fire its White Phosphorus Rounds at the Target. This coupled with the fire of your AT gun will devastate most enemy tanks.

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