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  • DesertDust

    Wehrmacht's pages

    November 20, 2014 by DesertDust

    All wehrmacht units have now (actual and correct i hope) informations about veterancy and emblems. I think that all pictures, which are related to Wehrmacht faction are now uploaded(with the exception of King tiger's emblem). I'll now try to add more detailed weapon stats and other content.

    DesertDust (talk) 15:01, November 20, 2014 (UTC)

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  • DesertDust


    Ehm.. Because wehrmacht article looks just bad, I decided to make my own article. I didn’t want to edit this wiki so seriously without permission, so I would be glad, if someone could check it, and express opinion about it(sry if "too long, didn’t read" ;)). Grammar should be checked of course, because english isn’t my native language, so you can expect mistakes. I have left 2 sections almost without changes. Generally, article is written in "normal" language(without CoH slang, no words like, volk, bl0b, mg, flamer")'I have skipped tactic about from Krieg barracks to Panzer command, it can be added later. This article is rather about linear advance through phases.

    If you have ideas, what should be changed, post it in comments, or my …

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