Patterns Edit

Company of Heroes 2 features a large amount of vehicle patterns for light, medium and heavy tanks. Each pattern is different and every vehicle has at least 2 a summer/winter one, which automatically applies correctly when the map is loaded.Patterns are awarded for pre-purchasing
Banner(ambush voronezh)
the game, leveling up,and redeeming codes[?].

Digital Collector's EditionEdit

The CE includes 24 extra skins at the start.(not confirmed if these can be unlocked by level up-ing)NOT including Winter Ambush and Voronezh Front.

Exclusive pre-order patternsEdit


  • Winter Ambush: winter skin,for German heavy vehicles.
  • Voronezh Front: winter skin,for Russian medium vehicles.
  • German Rotbraun: summer skin,for German medium vehicles.(Maybe available for everyone)
  • Russian Leningrad:summer skin, for Russian medium vehicles.(Maybe available for everyone)
  • German Whitewash:winter skin, for German heavy vehicles.(Maybe available for everyone)
  • Russian Cobblestone:winter skin, for Russian heavy vehicles. (Maybe available for everyone)


  • Russian Bryansk Front - summer skin for Russian vehicles(maybe available for everyone)
  • German Rotbraun - summer skin for German vehicles(maybe available for everyone)
  • Russian Leningrad - summer skin for Russian vehicles(maybe available for everyone)

THQ StoreEdit


Notice: Because of THQ's bankruptcy the Pre-order and CE and Digital Deluxe editions contents have been changed/removed/added/renamed and because of the removal of Steam Tiered Reward program there is no official information for the skins availability except for the CE(24 unnamed skin) and the 2 confiermed one(Voronezh,Winter Ambush) for the pre-order. </li>



Unlockables:(Stress-test version)



    • Two Tone Bryansk Front (unlocked at rank 30)


    • Two Tone Bryansk Front 




    • Winter Cobblestone West Front


    • Winter Cobblestone West Front (unlocked at rank 40)

Heavy: </li>

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