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Zeal increases the combat effectiveness of Wehrmacht infantry. In essence, the more units in the squad die the more resilient they become. The units that receive the effects of this passive ability are Volksgrenadiers, Grenadiers and Knight's Cross Holders.

Game InfoEdit

For Volks and Grenadier squads with four men, the bonuses are as followed:

  • Received damage x0.95
  • Received suppression x0.85
  • Weapon accuracy x1.15
  • Maximum health +10

For all infantry units with three men:

  • Received damage x0.95
  • Received suppression x0.75
  • Weapon accuracy x1.15
  • Health regeneration +9.6/min
  • Weapon cooldown x0.75

For all infantry units with two or less man:

  • Received damage x0.9
  • Received suppression x0.75
  • Weapon accuracy x1.25
  • Weapon cool down x0.25
  • Weapon reload x0.75
  • Suppression 0 (no blinking red icons)

For 1 CP, this ability is a very good early game bonus, but becomes even more beneficial when late game units arrive with veteran status. Although units with one man are quite strong because of this ability, they are not invincible, so retreating them is still advised.

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